Towing Walnut

Are you looking for any of the following services for your vehicles in the city of Walnut or the areas 91788, 91789, or 91795 like
• Towing Walnut
• Long distance towing
• Medium to light duty towing
• Heavy duty towing Walnut
• Motorcycle towing Walnut
• Vintage car towing
• Commercial towing
• 24-Hours Lockout Rescue
• 24-Hours Roadside Assistance Walnut

Walnut Tow Services

If you are on the lookout for any of these above-mentioned services in the city of Walnut, then you have come to the right place. We are Towing Walnut, a prominent name in the towing industry. We offer the services of towing with acute care towards the vehicles that we tow. For us, towing of vehicles is a great way to help the society. We have been working for the last two decades, and more, and ever since, we, from Towing Walnut have been the preferred name for the law enforcement agencies, corporations, and auto dealerships in and around the city.


Towing in Walnut is now entirely done by us since, our clients who had sought our services way back two decades ago, had ever since then, loved interacting with our diligent and yet friendly staff who make sure that the vehicles are towed in time. Our strength lies in the fact that we follow the following rules close to the heart:
• Diligence
• Friendly attitude
• Understanding
• Sticking to punctuality
• Affordability
• Love for our work

Walnut Towing – How we Care while towing your vehicles

roadside assistance walnutThese are the mottos that we go by and therefore, we, from Towing Walnut, have today, become a name that everyone reckons. We make sure that our towing is done by experts in this field, and they too understand and acknowledge the fact that only if the customer satisfaction shall take us any forward. Thanks to their commitment and adherence to these mottos of ours, that even today, every one of our staff ensures that the customer is given the best service.

Why is Walnut Towing so highly regarded

Now that you understood how serious we are about our ethics of work, we have to come down to our staff and the equipment we use. The help desk staff remain alert 24/7 and are always well informed about the routes and the rates. In case, due to bad weather conditions, our drivers have to take a longer route, and then the help desk is informed, and they shall in turn, inform you. This is something that you shall expect and get from us at Towing Walnut. This has helped the clients save time and even arrange their schedule or their customer’s schedule. This kind of thoughtfulness in each of our staff has helped many clients save a red face.


towing in walnutWhile recruiting the tow truck drivers, we look for integrity, driving ability, tow truck handling experience, and a clean background and medical history of the drivers. The scrutiny is done thoroughly and hence, our choice of drivers is paramount. Now, that said, we ensure that our fleet is suitable for towing all kinds of vehicles- from towing motorcycles, to cars, to SUV’s to Recreational Vehicles to name a few.
Wheel lifts or forklifts or even little bed dollies are available at all times, and before they set off for any trip, they are thoroughly examined.


Are you planning to send across multiple vehicles of varying shapes and sizes to different parts of Walnut or are you planning just to send a motorcycle to another city? We, from Towing Walnut, shall be able to send the vehicles for you and without causing any hassle to you. Hiring our trucks for delivery is easy and can be done by visiting our office or even online as per your convenience. Once the payment is done, you can expect our trucks to arrive at your doorstep in seven days. If you need us to make same day pickup, then you shall mention that and shall get pickup done in 24 hours itself.

Get Fastest Response for Any Roadside Emergency – 24/7!

towing walnutYou shall be able to get the most affordable door-to-door service from us. When it comes to Walnut Towing 91795, you shall get us to pick the vehicle from any place and even if the vehicle has not left the garage for the last few years, it shall be picked up from the doorstep and towed easily by our truck drivers. Our truck drivers know how to wheel – lift or easily haul the vehicles up on to our low bed trucks. Then these vehicles shall be fastened onto our trucks.
The vehicles shall be delivered in seven to ten days if the delivery has to be done in other cities.


walnut towingYes, it is true, and we commit that when it comes to any emergency that you may face while on the go, near Walnut like tire replacement, battery replacement, or lockout, just call us. We, from Towing Walnut, believe that our work shall only be through if we look at all kinds of needs of the customers while on the road. So, we offer Tire change Walnut; Jump start Walnut and locksmith Walnut-based for one and all. We shall provide experts to do these minor repair works and help you resume your journey in a short time too!
The roadside emergency can strike anyone at any time of the day, and hence, we are open at your service with our ready dispatchers 24/7!



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